Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Let me start this off by saying that I was always a big Dell computer fan. I bought my first laptop back around 2005 and it lasted for about six years and was still working when I gave it away to an ungrateful & bitchy friend of my ex-wife. I think she plugged it up by surfing for male gay porn and got enough viruses to finally put the old girl down.

My next Dell I purchased at the Navy Exchange in Pensacola, Florida. It died immediately after I got it out of the box. I called Dell and they sent me a replacement that was a better model and was loaded with software. You can't beat that deal! I loved Dell!! Then...

I have that same Dell but it's getting on in years so I went to Buckley Air Force base and got another Dell. Lucky for me I kept my old one. 

Due to chronic back pain and finally surgery I wasn't able to get the new laptop up and running for about a month or so. The first time I got on it was basically to familiarize myself with it and load my virus protection and Office. After that - the shit hit the fan.

The next time I logged on I immediately got a warning that the battery was not charging and I called the service center and...well hell let me just put the email up that I sent to the the Board of Directors & the CEO of Dell - that'll explain it easier:

Monday, June 20, 2016


Doug Stanhope is one of the most critically acclaimed and stridently unrepentant comedians of his generation. What will surprise some is that he owes so much of his dark and sometimes uncomfortably honest sense of humor to his mother, Bonnie. It was the cartoons in her Hustler magazine issues that molded the beginnings of his comedic journey, long before he was old enough to know what to do with the actual pornography. It was Bonnie who recited Monty Python sketches with him, who introduced him to Richard Pryor at nine years old, and who rescued him from a psychologist when he brought that brand of humor to school. And it was Bonnie who took him along to all of her AA meetings, where Doug undoubtedly found inspiration for his own storytelling.

Bonnie’s own path from bartending to truck driving, massage therapy, elder abuse, stand-up comedy, and acting never stopped her from being Doug’s genuine number one fan. So when her alcoholic, hoarding life finally came to an end many weird adventures later in rural Arizona, it was inevitable that Doug and Bonnie would be together for one last excursion.

Digging Up Mother follows Doug's absurd, chaotic, and often obscene life as it intersects with that of his best friend, biggest fan, and love of his life—his mother. And it all starts with her death—one of the most memorable and amazing farewells you will ever read. - AMAZON.COM

This book is filthy, degrading to women, degrading to mothers, obscene, disgusting, and if Dick Cheney was still the Vice President of the United States he'd haul Doug Stanhope down to Cuba and have his nuts hooked up to a car battery while they waterboarded his ass.

It's also the funniest goddamn book that I've read since Howard Stern's Private Parts! I loved every page.

Five fucking stars!!!!!


Saturday, May 28, 2016

The Road to Nowhere:

 A Journey Through Boxing's Wastelands


A trip across America to track down the great fighters from yesteryear who vanished from the limelight, and hear their incredible stories
In the era of boxing's pay-per-view superstars, Tris Dixon invested in a Greyhound bus pass and spent several months traversing America on a shoestring budget, tracking down fighters from yesteryear who had vanished from the limelight. Venturing from New York to Las Vegas and from Toronto to Miami, the young writer—himself a former amateur boxer—sought out coulda-been-contenders and cult heroes from the 1950s to the 2000s, all now faded from popular memory. He visited old people's homes, gyms, and too many prisons, discovering that life after boxing can be a cruel place when the ropes are no longer in place to keep fighters safe from the outside world. Dixon meets men who shaped boxing history, fighting the likes of Sugar Ray Robinson, Muhammad Ali, and Mike Tyson. He shares their memories and weaves together their forgotten tales over the course of a remarkable American journey.

Bar none, this is one of the best (if not the best) books on boxing that I have ever read. If you get all moist in your pants or panties over watching clowns like Floyd Mayweather dance around the ring for 12 rounds while not landing a punch and collecting $50 million then this book isn't for you. This book is for the fan that remembers big time fights on regular TV & fighters like Jimmy Young, Dwight Braxton, Mickey Ward, Jeff Chandler, Buster Douglas,  Matthew Saad Muhammad, Chuck Wepner, James Scott & many more. These fighters were warriors - not the babied Olympic medalists and promoter protected "boxers" of today. 

If you're a true boxing fan, check it out! You can't go wrong.

Scott L. Anderson

Saturday, April 30, 2016




Death seems to Robert "Ziggy" Zigstrom to be the only option left in his worthless life. He's been kicked out of the Navy, served time in the brig, lost his job, and worst of all, lost his woman. Then in the middle of a suicide attempt in his beat up trailer in the California desert, he is rescued by a crippled up ex-hit man who just may give Ziggy a new shot at life.


Saturday, March 19, 2016



Scott L. Anderson

Marijuana! Is it the gateway drug that leads to harder drugs, smuggling, crime, and the horror and brutality of prison that the government is always warning us about? Drowning In A Sea Of Marijuana is a collection of flashbacks, essays, and short stories as seen through the eyes of gangsters, prison guards, smugglers, students, sailors, and workers in the marijuana trade. Is reefer a safe, harmless recreational drug or truly the "weed with the roots in hell?

Available on Kindle or in paperback on Amazon and Lulu.com.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

This came to me in an email and I thought I'd pass it along.

"I have outlived my pecker."

The younger generation may not know it but at one time Willie Nelson was songwriter of the year.  He wrote such songs as "Hello Wall", "Crazy" sung by Patsy Cline. "Funny how Time Slips Away" & a host of other favorites. He is also a well-recognized poet in his own circle of friends.

Whether or not you are a country music fan, these are truly the words of a deep thinker. So simple, yet so profound! Read the words of wisdom from that famous philosopher, Willie Nelson, iconic country and western singer on his 80th birthday, seen below in his esteemed portrait. Only a man with such wisdom and maturity could be so concise and succinct in phrasing his feelings at this turning point in his life.

A Poem - by Willie Nelson

My nookie days are over,
My pilot light is out.
What used to be my pride and joy,
Is now my water spout.
Time was when, on its own accord,
From my trousers it would spring.
But now I've got a full time job,
To find the friggin thing.
It used to be embarrassing,
The way it would behave.
For every single morning,
It would stand and watch me shave.
Now as old age approaches,
It sure gives me the blues.
To see it hang its little head,
And watch me tie my shoes!!